Video Interviews from event:

AI, Complexity Theory Joining to Push Back Risk Frontiers
URS’ Kutsina: Getting Modeling Right Takes Into Account Many Viewpoints
Trans Re’s Richardson & Whitelaw: Models Reduce, but Can’t Eliminate Uncertainty
Cornell’s Strogatz: Risk Profitability Is at the Intersection of Order and Chaos
NE Institute’s Bar-Yam: Research on Complex Systems Aiding Reinsurers
AM Best’s Manyem: Machine Learning, Models Set Stage for New Parametric Products
Guardtime’s Piesse: Blockchain Will Thrive Where Insurance Is Buried in Paper
Grace Global’s Vandecruze: Innovation Begins With a Multidimensional Workforce

Photos from event:

Cocktail Reception, May 14th, 2019

Conference, May 15th, 2019

Slides/Presentations/Materials from event speakers:

Steven Strogatz: Four Surprises about Complex Systems
Yaneer Bar Yam: Why Complexity is Different
Yaneer Bar Yam: Economic Dynamics for Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Yaneer Bar Yam: Market Panic Predictions
Yaneer Bar Yam: Food Prices Predictions
Yaneer Bar Yam: Food Crises and Political Instability
Gary Venter: Economic Scenario Generators for Pa&C Insurance